Me: Things I have learned this week

  • Jam and then cream on a scone tastes better than the other way around
  • Not to forget a camera charger when going on holiday
  • That pinterest can become really addictive- Check out my boards and follow me
  • That it is ok to start your Christmas list at the beginning of November
  • Taking a miniature train in the freezing cold is completely justifiable

Wells Harbour Railway

  •  Nap time is not to be messed with


  •   There is nothing like your own bed
  •   And that patience is certainly a virtue…Dog

6 thoughts on “Me: Things I have learned this week

  1. mumjd

    Hi trying to comment again weekend blog hopping. Was going to say I don’t mind which way I have my scones, but know some people who are very particular about it being jam before cream and others who are the opposite

    1. admin Post author

      Don’t get me wrong they were eaten either way and I loved experimenting! ;) Thanks for being such a star today and letting me know about the error! Loving your blog.. will be following you closely now x

    1. admin Post author

      I felt sick when I realised I had missed it. Next on the shopping list for me is a tripod… Although my family might chase me with it as they are getting a little fed up with me being so snap happy :) You always manage to get great compositions in the pics on your website!


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