Me: Quick Bob Update

So I bobbed… I did it!  I thought I’d share a quick snap with you because I know that you have been waiting with baited breath.  ”Quick” being the operative word but it turns out that I am rubbish at selfies which may explain the lack of smile in this picture.  Any advice on this most welcome. I hope you like it, it feels so much healthier. Let me know your thoughts lovely people… right back to the gratitude diary #3 for me.  

The bob is back

The bob is back

3 thoughts on “Me: Quick Bob Update

  1. Robert!

    Hello, I found you through the blog. Its fun to see who is behind the other entries :-)

    But you wanted my thought on this images: Try putting the light lower. Its up in the air now, so not direcly lighting your face.
    The hair in front of your left eye looks cute but also distracting. It looks kinda like you dont have a left eye. Show it completely or remove it completely.
    I think you could get more sharpness in the picture. Prefocus and then turn off auto focus if you are shooting with remote or time. Or let someone else take the picture and focus on on of your eyes if you prefer a aperture like F4. If you want everything in focus, you could try something like F8 maybe. Depends on the picture/setup/composition.

    1. Lucy

      Wow! Thanks for all this, Robert. I snapped this really quickly on my iPhone but will definitely take your tips on board and give them a go this weekend. How are you getting on with the challenge?


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