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It’s a good life!: Gratitude Diary # 3

So this week I found someone else through twitter that keeps lists too.  Not only does she also have a list of places that she would like to travel to that she is ticking off but she keeps gratitude lists too.  Check out Brooke’s cute purple blog from down under, it warms my cockles as I lived in St Kilda, Melbourne for a while back in 2005.  

It is so good to take the time to look back at a week as you realise how much you pack in. My staycation feels like such a long time ago. So without further ado here are the things I am most grateful for this week: 

1) Have a go heroes

I have lived in the wonderful Peckham for 7 years.  It truly is wonderful and I will contest all those naysayers out there.  I used to live on the Goldsmith’s Estate near the library which is often seen as the wrong side of the tracks.  Chris and I moved into the more Bellenden Village area recently and have been really enjoying it.  

Images from the Peckham messages board following the London riots in 2011  courtesy of Pie and Biscuits blog

Images from the Peckham messages board following the London riots in 2011 courtesy of Pie and Biscuits blog

In the last 7 years, I have had my car broken into on 4 separate occasions but not once have I ever felt unsafe.  Until, Monday evening when someone snatched my phone out of my hand at the end of my road.  I can’t say much as the police are still investigating but I did get my phone back.  All thanks to some have-a-go heroes and the Southwark Police. Two complete strangers pursued the individual for 3 blocks with me desperately following while still in complete shock (at least a block behind).  It’s not every day in London that you speak to a complete stranger let alone help one out in their time of need but I am very grateful to those wonderful people for doing so and the police who were fantastic.  It’s inspired me to try to do more good deeds too.  

2) “Oh, go on then” moments

After my very wet photography course on Saturday, I was due to meet the wonderful Emily for a catch up in town somewhere.  We hadn’t made any firm plans and when Emily put the idea out there that we should treat ourselves to afternoon tea.. at The Wolseley.. I simply replied “Oh, go on then” and I am so pleased that I did.  Its beautifully grand marble interior makes you feel special the minute you walk through the door and that was before we treated ourselves to a glass of champagne at the bar.  

Emily and I are in a group of friends that are notoriously picky with our food but the staff were great on the day and we were able to “customise” our afternoon tea so that it was just perfect for us both.  Poor Emily waited patiently to eat while I snapped away and then I embarked on what was now expert scone eating following my practice in Norfolk.  If you are having a “go on then” moment you would do worse than piling cream on to warm scones at The Wolseley: 


I wish I could tell you that the moment stopped there as I was full to the brim even before I tackled the lemon meringue pie, but… I went on to meet Chris for the Lord Mayor’s Fireworks.  

We missed them.  Disappointed we decided to stay out for a few drinks but not dinner as I was so full and that would just be plain greedy.  After a bottle of Malbec at Gordon’s Wine Bar, Chris told me that he was really hungry and he suggested that we head to Joe Allen for a cocktail and some chips.  ”Oh, go on then!”

Champagne cocktails and chips... I really can't resist

Champagne cocktails and chips… I really can’t resist

Another cocktail and another “oh, go on then” and we were sat at the table ordering dinner. Chris grinning away like the Cheshire cat… until I got my camera out to snap everything before he could eat.  We love Joe Allen it’s a little hidden grotto in Soho.. a little piece of America in Central London and the service is brilliant.  If you get a chance pop in and say hello to Norbert!

The lovely Norbert at Joe Allen bar

The lovely Norbert at Joe Allen bar

Ready to pounce on the garlic bread

Ready to pounce on the garlic bread

Poached eggs my favourite at any time of day

Poached eggs my favourite at any time of day

3) Christmas is coming

Suddenly there is a really festive feeling in London this week.  I love the build up to Christmas.  On our walk home from Joe Allen I crept into Somerset House where you could be forgiven for thinking that it was the middle of December rather than the middle of November.  

Somerset House

Somerset House

I also took these blurry snaps on the bus home which reflected both sides of the river.  I am not sure if I love them or hate them but just an experiment in manual mode: 


4) Laughter

Ages ago I booked Fitzrovia Radio Hour at St James Theatre as a little treat for Chris and I. I am so pleased that I did.  It was a really brilliant comedy, lines of which are still popping into my head and the theatre was really intimate and relaxed.. more like a cabaret lounge bar. So if you get a chance to catch the gang on tour please do (usually comedy rules apply- don’t sit in the front row) and at the same time check out the theatre for what’s coming up as it really is a nice place for a relaxed evening.


Pic Courtesy of St James Theatre website

5) A new baby in the gang

A big shout out to Louis Albert who arrived safely this week and to Lizzie & Sam who will be wonderful parents.  All the luck, love and joy in the world to all 3 of them!

Me: Quick Bob Update

So I bobbed… I did it!  I thought I’d share a quick snap with you because I know that you have been waiting with baited breath.  ”Quick” being the operative word but it turns out that I am rubbish at selfies which may explain the lack of smile in this picture.  Any advice on this most welcome. I hope you like it, it feels so much healthier. Let me know your thoughts lovely people… right back to the gratitude diary #3 for me.  

The bob is back

The bob is back

Me: To bob or not to bob?

That is the question.  Recently I have been playing with the idea of having a bob cut.  I say recently but my poor friend Dom has had to listen to me moan about my hair for months. Well, it has all come to a head (quite literally)… I was sent some pics of myself, headshots for the blog, and I just didn’t recognise the person in them… I couldn’t connect with her (or her dry dead ends) at all! The problem is I have been growing my hair out of a bob for two years.  My hair is pretty long now and it is going to be a pretty drastic move.  And yes, I have had a bob before.  And no, the answer to the question will not resolve world debt but it is important to how you feel every day.  Well that’s what we say isn’t it but also on the flip side I tend to take a bad mood out on my poor hair.    

My Hair

This is me at the moment

The reason that I grew my bob out is that it is hard to have consistent cuts with shorter hair and it needs to be maintained… at the moment I cut my hair perhaps 3 times a year as I have been growing it and even after I have it cut it doesn’t look like it is in good condition. Do I really want the hassle and costs of more frequent trips to the hairdresser?

Me with a bob

This is me.. looking moody…and fuzzy… on a balcony in Bangkok… with a bob!

I also have an inexplicable fear of hairdressers.  It’s not normal, I can merrily sit in a dentist’s chair but the minute you present me with a chair facing a mirror for a couple of hours my palms get sweaty.  I have the episode from Friends when Phoebe cuts Monica’s hair to look like Dudley Moore rather than Demi Moore running over and over in my mind and it makes me feel sick.  Irrational maybe but I want to step out of the salon feeling amazing and it never happens.  It seems to happen for other people and all of those fab people in the magazines I flick through while sat in the chair.. so why not me?  And when I find a cut that I do like why does the hairdresser disappear into thin air, moving salon without a word, so that I am stuck experimenting with other hairdressers that don’t quite cut it the same way?  

Monica   Image courtesy of

Monica                 Image:

I’ve booked a cut and colour at Headmasters Mayfair on Wednesday evening and I am hoping that in this salon I manage to find somewhere and someone I can go to for a long time.. no pressure! So this time I want to be prepared and be fair on the hairdresser by knowing what I want before I arrive and manage my own expectations.  So obviously like every other normal person I have set up some pinterest boards to help me decide.  It was easier to find the shorter hairstyles that I like but some of the longer hairstyles are just amazing. The reality is, however, that I just can’t make my hair look like that *sigh*.  I’m going to take these pics along and see how I feel on the day.  Any advice most welcome, wish me luck and I will post the results up here shortly!  Hopefully it will look like this!


Isn’t it lovely!            Image: mygreenchair blog


Inspiration: “Wounded: The Legacy of War”

Today is Remembrance Day and I wanted to share what looks to be an amazing book to anyone that might have missed The Sunday Times feature on it yesterday.  Rock star Bryan Adams has recently turned his hand to photography.  He exhibited a set of portraits of famous names in February including the late journalist Marie Colvin and actor Ben Kingsley stating at the time that he needed to change his scenario in order to be able to get back to what he was doing with a fresh light. His next exhibition has now been published as a book. According to the interview in The Sunday Times, Adams felt that Wounded: The Legacy of War was a way to show “the human side of war”.  The handful of pictures of wounded soldiers and the snippets of their traumas in this feature are so compelling and inspirational that I have already placed my order for the book.

Courtesy of