I’m Lucy.  I’m 32- just! I’m a devoted blog reader.  I love wedding blogs (this may seem odd to other people- I am not engaged) some of my work is focused on events and I just love the personal detail that people put into a wedding (well that is what I tell myself anyway).  I love blogs about crafty things and cooking (also odd- because not once have I made anything that has been a success no matter how much passion there had been to start).  I love the photography in blogs and try to replicate it with my trusty Sony Alpha and trio of lenses (I really need to practice more).  I have lots of ideas for new businesses (but have stopped at taking them beyond ideas as I am too scared to fail) and love reading blogs of those who are willing to give their idea a go.  I actually bought the url www.mydaymyway.co.uk for one of my business ideas- until I revisit this idea again it will be my blog space.  So now it’s my turn to blog!

I’m Lucy.  I’m pretty hard on myself and I have a negative inner voice that I listen to far too much!

I’m Lucy.  I’m setting off on an adventure at the ripe old age of 32 to try and understand who I am.  This blog will try to map that journey.  To start I am going to split the journey into 6 categories:

  • Me
  • London Life- I live in Peckham, South East London with my wonderful Yorkshire lad.  We get out to explore as much as we can but also just enjoy a local pub or pizza takeaway.
  • It’s a good life- I am going to keep a gratitude journal and update once a week.  There is a lot to be grateful for and I need to remember that!
  • Photography- Practice, practice, practice.  Feel free to comment away on these.  Good or bad- I can take it (I think!)
  • Homemade- This will follow my attempts at cookery and crafting.
  • Inspiration- I will share inspiration from books, sayings, blogs and other media.. I will tell you now this may include a lot of pics from wedding blogs!

Take a rummage around these categories here!

I hope you enjoy my ramblings.

Lots of love

Lucy xx