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Me: Tweeting for the first time

Tweet tweet

I’m 32, I work in marketing, I post photos on Facebook with a lightening speed that drives my friends crazy and yet I have never tweeted.  As part of my job I monitor twitter for a finance company but the thought of my own words being out there and open to criticism filled me with a crippling fear.  Ridiculous, I know- especially now that I am blogging about myself to the outside world!  Why would anyone be mean or horrible… in fact, guess what… there are some really nice people out there in the twittersphere.   Thanks to @fireflyphil and @MyLifeAsAMummyx for saying hello so soon.

So even though the tweet itself wasn’t ground-breaking, it’s another new start.  Come follow me @mydaymywayuk

It’s a good life!: Gratitude Diary- Week 1

So.. here we go second blog post and the first that actually contains a single word from me. Welcome to my gratitude diary. Oh and welcome to my blog too!  chair and flower in a bare space

Following a little rant the other day about how bad my life was my friend turned to me and said “You really need to take a look at how lucky you are”.  Of course, she was completely right.  In fact, I can’t actually remember what it was that I was so upset about now.  I am sure that is not the last time I will overreact but what she said has inspired me to keep a gratitude diary.  This is not meant to be a deep road to enlightenment.  There are many blogs out there that do this but in so many different ways.  This is for me, I am hoping that this diary makes me take the time to appreciate the little things in life and help spur me to take more pictures to complement each thing I am grateful for.  So here goes,  this week I have been mostly grateful:

1) That I continue to learn

Pile of books

I made this blog… all by myself!  Granted I do work in the marketing world but I have never realised anything like this from beginning to end without help.  As I write this, there is still a long way to go, but that only means that there is more to learn!  I’ve watched YouTube videos and looked at best practice articles to get me this far and I am so pleased with the results and the sense of achievement it has brought.  I can’t wait for this blog to grow with me.

emily quinton workshop 002

A couple of weeks ago I attended Emily Quinton’s photography workshop, which was bought for me by Chris, my boyfriend, as a belated birthday present.  The photos Emily has taken for her blog are just beautiful and as you can see in my about page beautiful photos are one of the main reasons I am an avid follower of blogs.  I met some really inspirational people and was able to make compositions with some great props.  I look back now and am super critical about the shots I took through the day.  For example, the one above why did I not move myself (I had a whole table to work with) so that the papers in the background didn’t show.  It’s all part of the learning process, though, and has truly motivated me to practice!

emily quinton workshop 001

2) For new life

picture of cute lamb

Aaah… cheat alert. I found it difficult for new life inspiration in October so this image is supplied by

I cannot tell you how excited I am at the moment.  I have a fantastic friendship group and we have been blessed with some recent new arrivals and more due in the next few months. I have known a lot of these friends  since I was very little and it amazes me that we are now at this stage.  I really am very excited.  I love shopping for presents for the little ones and the growing bumps but I am also going to have a go at transferring images from the Graphics Fairy to some babygrows.  I found a great tutorial on Wolves in London- so watch this space!  Has anyone else tried to have a go? … Any tips most welcome. 

3) For autumnal comfort food

Butternut Squash Risotto

Perfection… I love butternut squash.  I love risotto.  I love time with Chris in the local pub. Oh, and red wine isn’t so bad either!

4) To a boyfriend who constantly surprises me with amazing little gifts

display of white roses

White roses (my favourite) from my super boyfriend

Ok ok so he’s a good guy- you get it! My favourite flowers are white roses.  These as you can see are a little old now but he bought them just when I needed a pick me up (yes, it may have had something to do with the aforementioned rant).  His favourite thing is sugar.. I have never seen anything like it.  He never seems to put any weight on but he is constantly filling our cupboards with sweet things.. biscuits… cakes… fudge.  I am grateful that he also thinks of me when he buys himself something that he loves… but my hips, however, are not so thankful!

peyton and byrne cake

One word- yum! 

5) For a present arriving in the post- to me from me with love!

The homemakery good bag arrived today!

Lovely packaging from quickly snapped from my iPhone before I tore it open

I have wanted to get back into my creative side for a while.  Reinvigorated by the amazing props at Emily’s workshop and the wonderful things she makes with her children I have purchased some great things from The Homemakery.  I am so excited but hope that I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew.  I’d say watch this space but I don’t want to add any more pressure on to the huge tasks I have set myself.

Not a bad week, hey!